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PRINCIPAL FOR A DAY: Jake Pasacreta takes over Ridgeway for a day!

On Friday May 14th, 2010, Jake Pasacreta a third grade student from Mrs. Garrity’s class was Ridgeway’s Principal for the day.  Jake had the chance to partake in many of the responsibilities of an elementary school Principal.  As the Principal, Jake conducted the daily announcements, helped with office work and introduced the PTA “Slim Good Body” assembly to the student body.  In addition, throughout the day Jake visited many of Ridgeway’s classrooms.  He asked insightful questions and remained in a few of the classrooms to observe the classroom lesson.  A special highlight of Jake’s day was Ridgeway’s Kindergarten Roundup.  Jake said, “It was Kindergarten Roundup and only one kid was crying.  I was impressed!”  Although Jake returned to being a third grade student again, the Ridgeway Community applauds his efforts and his hard work as our Principal for a day.  Thank you Jake!