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White Plains Public Schools


The following list will help ensure all requirements are met in order for student participation in the sports program- including try-outs and to avoid delays in clearance.

All of the necessary forms are available in the school nurse's office and on the district website under Health Services (Health Forms & Documents).

  •  Student must see the school nurse to find out what is needed to initiate the process.

   1) Private Physician Sports Physical Examination. This BLUE form is the only one acceptable. It is 2 sided. The physician completes and signs one side, the parent/guardian completes the other. Leave no blanks.

***Final medical clearance is granted by the School Medical Director


  2) Physical Exam by the School Physician. These exams are held for each sports season on a limited basis. Students must sign up for these exams in the Nurse's office. Announcements are made daily.

***Both of these exams are valid for 12 months. Even if it expires during the actual sport season, the student is cleared to play until the sport season finishes.

  •   If more than 30 days has passed since the doctor's exam, the parent must complete a Medical Update Card. This YELLOW ccard gives the nurse an idea of the student's health since the exam and is required by NYS law.
  •   Find out when the nurse's office is conducting interviews for sports. These are posted in the nurse's office, and on the website. There are also notices around the school. The YELLOW update card must be completed and brought to the interview.
  •   If the student needs medication such as an epinephrine pen for allergies or an asthma inhaler, an Administration of Medication form must be completed by the student's doctor and co- signed by the parent.
  •   Notify the nurse if anything has happened that may affect your child's health during the sports season-fractures, serious injury etc. A clearance note from the private physician may be necessary in some circumstances.

A white card will be given to the coach after completion of all the above. The student will then be cleared to play.

***Fall sports start in August at the High School level. If the exam is done before school ends or during the summer, get it in to the nurse's office (or the Medical Services office in the summer) and get a jump on the season.***

Please feel free to contact your school nurse or the Medical Services office if you have further questions.